Ranger Point Rossi R92/R95 Butt Stock Takedown Screw

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A good takedown rifle may perhaps be one of the greatest tools in your arsenal of survival gear: It provides personal defense, the ability to hunt and take meat, it’s compact and typically lightweight, and it conceals when not in use.

Rossi 92 / Citade Levtac Quick Detach Butt Stock Takedown Screw, giving you an inexpensive way to quickly and easily shorten your lever-action making it easier to store, pack, and transport.

This is a Universal butt stock screw replacement which fits all lever-action calibers / models.

Specifically designed to work with any coin you might find in your pocket to quickly unscrew and remove your butt stock. 

Two finish options:

- Chromoly Steel with Black Nitride coating

- Polished Stainless Steel



This is a Universal quick takedown butt stock screw that fits all models/calibers.



Works with any coin in your pocket to quickly unscrew and remove your butt stock.FITS ALL:Rossi 92