Ranger Point Rossi R95 Gen 2 M-LOK Hanguard BLK

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Gen 2 Handguards have the same great aesthetic and robust functionality as thepopular Gen 1 parts, but are built from a single, solid billet of aluminum. This allowed for an increase in rigidity, as well as a reduction in weight. It also opened the door to new features, like a cutout for the Henry mag tube loading port.

In the Package: one 13.25" long M-LOK handguard, one barrel/mag tube tenon & two screws, four set screws.

Take a look at the full list of tweaks and features

  • Machined from one piece of solid billet aluminum for increased rigidity and reduced weight;
  • Full length 13.25" oz length x 1.5" oz width x " 1.6" oz height x 7.5 oz weight;
  • Heavy duty tenon mount and screws hardware are provided increasing durability and load bearing capacity while ensuring easy installation (10" from the receiver);
  • Four mounting set screws afford rock solid bedding and eliminate lateral shift;
  • Even easier DIY installation;
  • Extra M-LOK slots on sides – now 24 slots total;
  • Three Flush Cup holes for push button sling swivels;
  • Smoother, cleaner lines on each side with dedicated handguard for end caps vs. barrel band models;
  • Flat bottom provides increased stability when shooting from a rest, while the slender width, deep finger grooves and rounded lower corners offer comfortable, confident ergos;
  • Increased grip on bottom, with leaf voids cut into corner radii;
  • Improved compatibility with shortened barrels and suppressors;
  • All parts chamfered, deburred, and tumbled to provide a smooth comfortable finish with no cheese grater effect;
  • Always made in the USA.